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Oral Surgery

Mr Maini is qualified in both medicine and dentistry.  He has expertise in oral surgery and is able to offer treatments under local anaesthetic, or with sedation or general anaesthetic.

Mr Maini accepts oral surgery referrals from dentists and doctors at Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital and Graystone Referral Centre in Hassocks

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Oral Surgery


Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth often become impacted, or stuck,  requiring surgery to treat infection or protect adjacent teeth.  They can be near the nerves that supply the lip, chin and tongue with sensation.


Oral lesions

Diagnosis and treatment of patches, lumps and bumps in the mouth.  Removal of polyps and mucocoeles and diagnostic biopsy.


Cysts in the jaws

Cysts can occasionally form in the jaw.  These often require surgery to prevent them from enlarging and causing weakness of the jaw.


Exposing teeth

When teeth that develop in the wrong place, sometimes they need to be removed or surgically exposed to help bring them in to a better position.  Often a gold chain can be bonded to the tooth.


Surgical Extractions

Extractions of broken teeth, or roots of teeth.


Children's Oral Surgery

Dental extractions of broken teeth, orthodontic extractions, extra supernumerary teeth, and exposure of buried teeth.

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